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No Death by PowerPoint With Cool Presentation Tools

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

I went to a conference for meeting planners earlier this year and the most crowded sessions were not about hotels, contracts, or the latest trends in catering, they were on event technologies. Then again it shouldn’t be a surprise given the times we live in and all the new communications tools for marketers these days. I became very excited by all the possibilities for meetings, from “hotel keys” that not only open your room door but also manage room functions, to new social networking tools and mobile apps specifically for events. But the ones that really stood out as something I can use right now were the alternative presentation technologies. Marketers are supposed to be “creative” and about ideas but we often fall victim to the dreaded, predictable format of PowerPoint aka Death by PowerPoint. There are now more opportunities available to develop presentations in more creative, thoughtful and unexpected ways while holding the attention of audiences – here are are a few of the biggies.  They are great to know about for internal or external live  events, as well as communicating ideas to online audiences.

Pecha Kucha


Pico Projectors

So what’s the  bulleted list we might put in a PowerPoint “Summary” slide (besides the fact that everything I’ve mentioned starts with a “P”-let’s hear it for alliteration)

  1. New presentation tools make the story the center stage, not the format. By having a blank canvas, you have ultimate control of what the audience will see, hear, take away– and most importantly remember.

  2. Alternative  presentation formats push us to tell our story in a different, creative way and encourages our mind to be more open, maybe even developing new or other ideas we wouldn’t have thought of using PowerPoint

  3. Being in marketing means understanding and using the latest technologies for our field so I will be going to a Pecha Kucha night soon and getting me a Pico projector  (but uh…not the gold-plated one)


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