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Now That the Pandemic is Over-ish: Freelancer Edition

Many lives were turned upside down in 2020 (and half of 2021, if we’re really honest). For those of us who were lucky enough to survive the worst pandemic in a century, it still wasn’t an easy transition to live in some sort of normalcy. We’ll never be the same—and maybe that’s a good thing in some ways. For us freelance consultants, there is a different lens now that things are kinda, sorta opening up.

#1 That zillionth Zoom call that would have been a quick phone call before the pandemic—can we restart that, please? I’m totally down for a meeting, but if it's a quick interview screening or check in, no need, just like before the pandemic.

#2 My 2020 investment in new loungewear will not go to waste. Upside: I do my laundry less and appear to have an unlimited supply of black leggings.

#3 Now that I got a pandemic puppy, I have built-in breaks that I must take. On the other hand, Tati is a lazy intern and I’ve got poop to pick up every day.

#4 I can still make my own schedule without fear of going back "to the office," but can also visit clients to get my team spirit on (and possibly poach a few yummy kitchen snacks).

#5 There’s now a notable difference between WFH day and night: I can exit stage left for happy hour or dinner, I’ll just need to re-orient myself for the sticker shock of San Francisco's old tacked-on fees.

#6 My meal, travel, and entertainment costs will go from next to nothing to something (all

legit, promise IRS!). I’ve never been so happy to spend money on wining and dining.

#7 Speaking of which, hello again networking events. I'll have a libation in one hand, business card in the other, complemented by a gentle elbow bump to say hello. No hand sanitizer required, maybe?

#8 I no longer need to insert "pandemic," "new normal," or other Covid-y terms in my writing. Nor see the term "Covid-preneur (yes, that was a thing for a minute). Nor witness SEO grifters "covid-washing" aka Covid keyword stuffing for eyeballs.

#9 I won’t silently scream when there is loud construction in my building. Instead I can skip over to a coffee shop to work, where the only distraction will be hearing that startup founder on the phone chatting up the VC on the next app "that will change the world."

#10 I can thank my lucky stars that I still am blessed to have a freelancing business after the decimation of millions of jobs during the pandemic. I also embrace a new appreciation for working from home, but the magic of in-person connection? Well, that cannot be understated.


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