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Surprising facts about freelancer life: 4/1 Edition

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Have an image of how freelancers live? Some things you probably knew, but others might downright shock you. Here's a behind-the-scenes look. 😉

  1. 💰New clients always offer to pay more than our asking price, and sign off the email “Because you’re worth it,” just like the L'Oréal ads.

  2. 🍾 Prospective clients that required 10 proposal revisions over 2 months while they hemmed and hawed? They ended up becoming a legit, high-paying client.

  3. 🔛Leads always come in at the perfect time—right when we’re looking for them, never when we’re slammed with other projects and can’t take them, and shouldn’t, but do anyway.

  4. 🔮 We’re always confident that if we don’t accept that next job from a loyal client, surely they’ll still hire us for a future gig. Right? Of course they will!

  5. 🦄 Prospective clients who want everything ASAP and propose bottom-feeder rates? We always regret not taking that gig.

  6. 🙌 Clients have figured out it's best to use the same project management tool across the board, unlike, say Basecamp, Workday, Asana, Trello, Accelo, Wrike, and tomorrow's new learning curve.

  7. 💬 We never have to explain to family, friends, or our pets with sad eyes about why we’re working on the weekend, evening, or weird hours. Everyone gets our lifestyle and never questions it.

  8. 🤓We have a playbook for every kind of client, scenario, and everything down to a science. At this stage in the game, how could there be curveballs, mistakes, or WTHs?

  9. 📈We are 110% confident about raising our rates and never apologize for it—especially with regular clients we've worked with for years.

  10. ⏳We don’t procrastinate, knowing the consequences will be an even tighter deadline. For instance, I got a very early start on this blog post.

Oh and Happy April Fools! 👻 Yes, I joke, the consulting life is a darn good life, but we sure have our moments!🤷‍♀️

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